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We support the German-based group of companies in the area of hookah, tobacco and accessories as a reliable full-service partner and accompany them on their way to internationalization.




NameLess Tobacco


seit 2020

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As a full-service partner, we support NameLess in the areas of advertising, communication and advice as well as in product design and product marketing.

We support the international group of companies on the markets in Germany, Austria, Spain, Switzerland and various Balkan countries.

You can't not communicate!

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nameless tabak lemato werbeagentur legende pocket
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Editorial design

Functional design for maximum recognition.

For the product launch of various accessories for the "ShishaOfen" brand, we developed and designed high-quality packaging units with a clear design language.

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nameless onesmoke verpackungsdesign lemato werbeagentur packaging
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Digital marketing

To implement the digital strategy, we developed over 50 GIFs for brand transport on various social media platforms. With over 6 million hits, the GIFs make a large contribution to brand awareness on social networks.

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In addition to continuous content development and implementation, our monthly social media support also includes support for the intended productions in the form of shootings and film recordings.